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 Fall Prevention Program

CDC reports falls are common and costly, especially among Americans age 65 and older. Falls are preventable and do not have to be an inevitable part of aging.

Every second of every day, an older adult (age 65+) suffers a fall in the U.S.—making falls the leading cause of injury and injury death in this age group. 


I have completed training with the centers for Disease Control & Prevention and National Center for Injury Prevention & Control. STEADI initiative to reduce fall risk among older adults, and put fall prevention strategies in practice. 

 STEADI consists of three core elements:

  • Screen patients for fall risk,

  • Assess modifiable risk factors, and

  • Intervene to reduce risk by using effective clinical and community strategies.


Combined, these elements can have a substantial impact on reducing falls, improving health outcomes, and reducing healthcare expenditures.

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