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Holding Hands

Empowering Caregivers with Knowledge & Understanding

When the doctor said dementia, did you stop in your tracks and wonder what can be done?


Are you concerned about how you'll support your loved one with this new chapter in their life?


Are you also concerned how this will impact your own life as time goes on?



You have found the right place


Being a caregiver myself, and working with people suffering from cognitive memory loss I have learned some proven daily techniques and easy products that will make your day and your loved one's day much easier. Allowing you to have less frustration and a better grasp on supporting yourself and your loved one through this chapter in your lives.

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I am Rebecca, professionally I have been working and training caregivers in hospitals, home health, and as a rehab director in nursing homes for over 10 years.

Personally, I understand the overwhelming struggles of caregiving with both my mother & father as a child & adult.

I know a lot of secrets!!

Most caregivers are

  • Stressed out

  • Overwhelmed

  • Depressed

  • Lost

  • Wondering how to make it easier

  • Dealing with dementia behaviors

  • Not sure how to help themselves & loved ones


We don't prepare our homes, family, or lifestyle for suddenly being a caregiver. 

Nobody teaches us what we need to know to care for someone with dementia.

I am here for you.
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I have created a personalized approach to supporting & understanding people living with dementia & their caregivers.


  • Caregiver education and resources

  • Personal 1:1 Support

  • Proven solutions and strategies

  • Learn about products that help make daily tasks easier. 

  • Secrets to completing daily tasks.

  • Techniques to maintaining independence & dignity.

  • Remedies to behaviors related to dementia or memory difficulty.

  • Personal mental wellness support. 

  • Understanding family dynamics, daily caregiving life stressors, and how to ask for help.

If you are overwhelmed and need some answers, guidance, recommendations, or someone to talk to that understands. Press the button below and sign up for a free 1/2 hour discussion, and see how I can help you.

What I am hearing from caregivers.

"I didn't realize this would be so hard." 
"Why won't he just take a shower?"
"My mom  keeps getting angry with me, how do I stop this?"
"I didn't realize how much easier it is to do it that way."
"What do I need in place for my dad to be safe in his home?"
" Is it time to put my mom in a home"

"I feel guilty wanting time for myself"
"My mom is not the same person she used to be."
"My mom was mentally/physically abusive to me as a child, and now she is still mean to me, should I be caring for her?"

Hugging a Pillow

 Survive Caregiving

If you want to survive caregiving with a sound mind. sign up for a free coaching call. 

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